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  1. Glen Huntley
    10th December 2023 @ 10:58

    Thanks Ian, You have a fascinating site, such a great idea!
    The post is still a draft I’m working on. I published it so I could share the information with several people. I’m still adding information and making corrections (including the spelling of Brettargh in a few places).
    I’ll also be doing posts on Aigburth Old Hall and Aigburth Hall so I’ll be returning to the family in the future. Have you read Paul Burn’s Grassendale: Birth of a Suburb? If you haven’t, I highly recommend it. 8 Brettarghs get a mention.


    • Ian Thomson
      10th December 2023 @ 13:12

      Thank you for your kind remarks, Glen. I shall certainly check out Paul Burn’s post, thank you for that.

      There is a stained glass window in Holy Trinity Church, Kendal, which celebrates the Brettargh, Yeates, Toxteth, Ives and Ackberg families. I presume Ackberg to be a derivation of Aigburth.


  2. Stanlawe Grange: New research into Liverpool’s oldest buildings – The Priory and the Cast Iron Shore
    7th December 2023 @ 08:46

    […] William Brettargh of Brettargh Holt [Woolton] ;11 years old at inq. p.m. of father.Died 1585. His inq. p.m. shows he held the Holt, a dovecote […]


    • Ian Thomson
      9th December 2023 @ 16:31

      Thank you for your comment and link to your site. That is a fascinating article. I have had a quick look, but I can see that I will need to go through it in much more detail.


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