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  1. Peter & Julia Jeffery
    20th February 2023 @ 21:25

    Ian. This is a truly remarkable account of a very courageous woman who obviously loved her husband true. The notes made and the photos you have added make this a compulsive and really interesting read. I visited and lectured in Winnipeg ( I think in May) and it was well below freezing. It is good thing she journeyed in September! I can not imagine how she and husband survived winters 2000 miles NW of Winnipeg…. Must be good Lewis Thomson blood! Thank you for sharing this with us.


    • Ian Thomson
      21st February 2023 @ 09:35

      Thanks, Peter. Well, I hope you enjoy Part 2 as well. It is all about the native wife he had in Fort Chip, which is probably why Isabella was so keen to go out to Canada.



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