William McConnell and Jane Anderson

William McConnell and Jane Anderson

William McConnell & Jane Anderson

This webpage is a work in progress. At present, I know very little about this couple except for their names, which came from their daughter’s marriage and death certificate. Also from the same sources we know that William was a blacksmith.

More information will be added to this page when time permits further research.


Location of William McConnells Forge

Helen’s Bay

The other circumstantial evidence we have is from Griffiths Valuation that a William McConnell rented a forge at Plot 8b Seahill Road, in the Glencraig area of County Down, Northern Ireland. We also know that his son was the gardener at Tordeevra, in Helen’s Bay.

In the aerial photo opposite, the location of William McConnell’s forge is marked with a red arrow. The resort of Helen’s Bay is at the top of the photo and can be identified by the two sandy beaches.